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ASO Report #047 – Childhood visual sighting of a Sasquatch

→ Type of Encounter:

Visual Sighting

→ Reported by:

Bruce C.

→ Location of Encounter: 

Strathcona Park, Medicine Hat

→ Date & Time of Encounter:

1972-08-26 @ 1:00 PM

→ Details of the Event:

I first started reading about Sasquatches in 1972, after my first encounter. I was born in Calgary and about once a month we would go to Banff, Kananaskis or Bragg creek to go camping. I got used to seeing bats and other wildlife at a young age. On the last weekend of August, 1972 we went to Medicine Hat to visit friends. On Saturday the 26th we went to have a picnic around 10:30 am in Strathcona Park. We started a fire and then went down to the south Saskatchewan River to swim and play in the water… it was sunny and warm with no wind. At about 1:00 it was decided that we would make our way down the winding path to our campsite, which was about 150 yards. Eager to get a hotdog on a stick I ran ahead of everyone else. About 75 yards down the path I was jogging when I suddenly smelled a strong door. I stopped and it smelled like a freshly washed dog that had rolled around in garbage for a week. I heard a light rustle to the right and as I turned to look I saw a large, black & red furred back of something facing away from me to the west. I could hear the creek about 30 yards ahead of the creature I was looking at. Its butt was a couple inches off the ground, it was hunched forward at some Saskatoon bushes and it had a cone shaped head that seemed to be sitting on its shoulders. It was about 4 ft. wide at the shoulders and about 5 ft. high. It made no sound or movement but when I thought to myself “What am I looking at?” I was answered by a thought of, “You don’t see me, I’m not here.” I wondered what I was looking at and again I got the same response. Suddenly it quietly muttered a chattering sound and when I heard it, and the thought of get out of hear now entered my head. Without hesitation I started running toward the campsite and as I did I could hear a heavy thump, thump, thump sound run to toward the creek and the sound of bushes being crunched. When everyone else got back I asked if they had seen it or heard it, which no one had. I was told it must be a bear but I said it didn’t look or act like any bear I ever saw. Then a friend said I must have seen a Sasquatch and everyone laughed. I asked what is a Sasquatch, as I had never heard of nor seen the Patterson-Gimlin film. When they told me what it was I said that it was probably was what I saw and everyone laughed again. I started to read and learn as much as I could about them. I forgot to mention that the Sasquatch was about 30 ft. away with an unobstructed view.


Posted above you will find one of our many logged contemporary reports of suspected encounters with the legendary creature known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot. We make an attempt to verify the credibility of each claim before posting it to the website. The opinions and observations made herein are that of the original author's alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Alberta Sasquatch Organization (ASO).

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