Classic Encounters

The Bighorn Dam Incident

The year 1969 is considered to be one of the most active and important years in the history of Sasquatch research.  John Green, the preeminent authority on Sasquatch, even wrote a book about all of the activities that happened during 1969 and aptly named it “Year of the Sasquatch”.  It was during this year that one of the most famous Alberta reports came in. […]

Classic Encounters

David Thompson’s Story

David Thompson was a surveyor and trader for the Northwest Company and is considered to be one of the greatest land geographers of all time.  He explored much of the Pacific Northwest and made it to the mouth of the Columbia River only five years after Lewis and Clark found it. […]

Video Gallery

MBM: Expedition Sasquatch Pt. 1

Happy to give to you in all of it’s feature length entirety EXPEDITION SASQUATCH! A new documentary about the Sasquatch of Nordegg, Alberta. This area has become increasingly popular among Bigfoot researchers and enthusiasts due to the baffling tree structures that can be found in the area. Grab some popcorn, sit back, and relax! […]