Welcome. We are a small group of knowledgeable researchers & investigators that have made it our mission to chronicle the existence of the creature known as Sasquatch (Bigfoot) in the province of Alberta, Canada. Here you will find a wealth of eye-witness sightings and our reports on encounters in locations including Banff, Jasper, Nordegg, Waterton, Kananaskis, and all across our great province.


Alberta Sasquatch Organization

Public Camping Trip 2018 – Event Page

2018-05-02 Comments (0) Announcements

Public Camping Trip 2018 – Important Information Welcome We have partnered with Eventbrite to offer tickets for our public camping trip┬áJune 8th – 10th, 2018 at the Shunda Viewpoint Provincial Recreation Area. Due to the booking costing us nearly $300 we’ve asked that

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Alberta Sasquatch Organization 2018-03-26

Alberta Sasquatch – Open (Public) Camping Trip

If you’re in the Alberta region and would like to join us for an open (public)

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Thomas Steenburg - Sasquatch 2018-03-21

Web Update: “Steenburg Shorts” Now Live!

We have recently launched a new section of the website entitled “Steenburg

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Featured Videos

MQ: Searching for Sasquatch in N. Ontario

2018-03-21 Comments (0) Video Gallery

This is an older documentary from the TV series MonsterQuest that used to air in Canada on History channel. The documentary follows scientists in northern Ontario as they search for Sasquatch in the Canadian wilderness.    

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Les Stroud Survivorman: Possible Sasquatch Encounter

A while back Les Stroud, better known as Survivorman, came forward about his strange

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Sasquatch Chronicles 2018-03-09

Sasquatch Chronicles: Encounters from Alberta, Canada (Ep. 324)

Wes Germer over at the Sasquatch Chronicles podcast broadcast this episode back in

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