Welcome. We are a small group of knowledgeable researchers & investigators that have made it our mission to chronicle the existence of the creature known as Sasquatch (Bigfoot) in the province of Alberta, Canada. Here you will find a wealth of eye-witness sightings and our reports on encounters in locations including Banff, Jasper, Nordegg, Waterton, Kananaskis, and all across our great province.

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MBM: Classic Encounters – The Bighorn Dam Incident (Alberta)

2018-07-10 Comments (0) Video Gallery

From the ASO archives, Justin is back with a new instalment of MountainBeastMysteries with an episode on the Big Horn Dam Incident.

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MBM: New Alleged Bigfoot/Sasquatch Photo From Alberta

Here is the photo that we’ve been promising would be released. The photo was

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MBM: Creepy Bigfoot Screams Caught on Tape (Alberta)

Justin is back this week with another edition of MountainBeastMysteries where he

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Alberta Sasquatch Organization

New Sasquatch Reports Uploaded

2018-06-07 Comments (0) Web Updates

We have uploaded some new reports to the website. Go on and head over to take a look: Reports  

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Alberta Sasquatch Organization 2018-05-02

Public Camping Trip 2018 – Event Page

Public Camping Trip 2018 – Important Information Welcome We have partnered

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Alberta Sasquatch Organization 2018-03-26

Alberta Sasquatch – Open (Public) Camping Trip

If you’re in the Alberta region and would like to join us for an open (public)

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